Dec 18, 2023

Q4 Product Updates: More Advanced Features for More Dynamic Loyalty Programs

Ellie Bradford
December 18, 2023

Bring more to your loyalty program: attribute rewards, detailed data analysis, donation redemption and now Google/Apple Wallet integration!


We’re heading towards the end of our first year out of beta, and is fast becoming the most versatile loyalty solution on the market. Before we usher in a new year of innovation, here’s a roundup of the enhancements made by our development team in the final quarter of 2023.

If we could sum up what these updates offer in a single word, it would be ‘more’ - more data, more insights, and more engagement. 

And thanks to a newly introduced redemption rule, you’ll also find more ways to give back. 

Reward Customers for Submitting Review Attributes’s seamless integration with already allows you to award points for customer reviews, UGC and surveys. Now, thanks to a newly introduced earn rule, you can also attach rewards to review attributes.

This means customers can earn more points by rating product specifics like fit or quality, or for submitting personal attributes and preferences - like their body type and favorite fitness activity for example. 

By incentivizing attributes, you create a better shopping experience for future customers, and collect more zero-party data from loyalty subscribers for program personalization.

Filter and Export Program Data by Point Activity

This updated function allows you to delve deeper into your loyalty program’s performance by separating data according to individual earn rules, redeem rules, and dates.

This enables more in-depth analysis. For example, you can identify which earn rules resonate most with your customers, or track program engagement over a seasonal event.

Armed with these detailed insights into point activity, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your loyalty program. 

Trigger Earn Rule Pop-Ups for Custom Events

Visibility is key for loyalty program engagement, so we’ve rolled out a new way for you to show customers how to earn points, outside of your loyalty widgets. 

With just a simple piece of code, you can make pop-up messages appear when a customer clicks on an action linked to an earn rule. These pop-ups will give information on the rewards associated with the specific action, thanks to unique earn rule ID’s. 

Grab the code snippet here and start promoting your loyalty program across more customer touchpoints. 

New Donation Redemption Rule

The introduction of the Donation Redeem rule allows you and your customers to make a meaningful impact through your brand’s loyalty program. Simply put - customers can now make charitable donations using their loyalty points. 

All you need to do is select a charity you’re passionate about. If a customer chooses to contribute, the points they use to do so will be automatically deducted from their balance. 

Adding a charitable component to your loyalty program helps create a sense of community through a collective effort for positive change.

Customize Earn Rules in Shopify Flow

If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, you now have increased flexibility to run a custom loyalty program, all automated via Shopify Flows. 

It’s as easy as setting up a General Purpose Earn rule, choosing how many points you want to award, generating a unique earn rule ID, and attaching it to a Shopify Flow trigger.

Those triggers can be anything you like - orders, newsletter sign-ups, customer reviews, subscriptions - whatever you want to incentivize to fit with your business goals.

Learn more about assigning General Purpose Earn rules to Shopify Flow triggers in our support article.

Google Wallet Integration Now Live!

Q3 saw the launch of our Apple Wallet integration, and we’re now super proud to say we also support digital loyalty cards on Android.

Exactly the same functionality applies. You can create on brand digital cards with unique QR codes, and allow customers to add them straight to their Google Wallets. 

This is a really valuable integration for brands looking to run a cohesive loyalty program across on and offline sales channels.

For inspiration, check out our recent case study on how DOGHOUSE uses this feature for multi-channel loyalty.

What’s in the Pipeline for 2024?

To kick off another exciting year, we’ll be working on a number of new integrations - allowing more merchants to slot into their existing tech stack, and providing more ways to drive loyalty program engagement. 

As always, if you need help with any of the features mentioned above just give our support team a shout. They’re on hand to help you make the most of our solution so you can nail your customer retention strategy for 2024.