Offer Rewards for Referring Customers.

Use personalized referral links in every email communication to promote referrals, and incentivize them by offering rewards.

Win Win

Benefit your customers, increase your profits.

Customer referrals can be a powerful way to drive new customer acquisition, in addition to promoting repeat purchases.


Customers who are already shopping with you can receive rewards for referring their friends.


Referrals mean that both of you win! Shoppers receive rewards for placing an order, while you gain new customers.

Referral Invites

Drive New Customer Acquisition in Loyalty.

By incentivizing existing customers to refer their friends to your brand, you can tap into a valuable source of potential customers and grow your brand.

Drive new customer acquisition in loyalty
Referral Strategy

A Loyalty Platform with infinite possibilities

Consider implementing 'entry rewards' as a form of incentive. These rewards are automatically granted to customers when they enter a new loyalty tier. They could take the form of free products, one-time discounts, or accelerated points earning.

In terms of account growth, enabling customers to refer their friends and family had by far the biggest impact on our loyalty strategy.
Adam Lindsay
Founder @

Drive growth & retention with loyalty