Loyalty & Referrals That Improve LTV.

Customer rewards and referrals are powerful tools that can increase customer spending by up to 20% while improving LTV and reducing acquisition costs for brands.

Influence.io loyalty & referrals program solutions

Points & Rewards

Set up points for actions like placing an order including various options to convert them to perks.
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Attract new customers by incentivizing existing customers to refer friends in exchange for rewards.
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Loyalty Tiers

Reward your most loyal customers. Introduce tiers with exclusive rewards when clients achieve higher loyalty tiers.
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Turn Partners into brand ambassadors so they can earn a commission when promoting your brand. It's a win-win.
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Features that push growth.

Features that push growth.

Reward your way to growth. Increase engagement & retention by incentivizing loyalty.

Fast-Track Customer Loyalty

Launch a fully customizable program and scale it to fit your needs. Game-changing speed and flexibility. Need help managing affiliates? Yeah, we can do that too.

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Motivated by our customers.

We take customer feedback seriously because it helps us improve our Loyalty Solution and make it even better. We want to know how it fits with the brand we work with, so we can ensure it meets their needs and exceeds any expectation.


“Great loyalty App. Easy to use and has all the features we need. The customer support is absolutely perfect."


“We love to reward our customers. Having a program that can create something our customer's value alongside our products is fantastic.”

Me & The Brave + NOXEN

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

GS Equestrian

What has worked well.
Great for integrations with Klaviyo so we can easily communicate our points to customers

Good support and onboarding with Jacob on point! Integrates well with Shopify with accurate points balances.


I'm really enjoying this app. It has nice earn features and the customer support is awesome. totally recommend!

Bay's Kitchen

I'm loving the dash for this app. It has nice earn features that work well for my brand.

Proud to partner with industry pioneers

Our partners are selected to help your brand seamlessly integrate with your tech stack, allowing your brand to leverage existing tools to enhance your loyalty program further.

Drive growth & retention with loyalty