Drive Repeat Purchases with StampCard.

StampCard provides a digital twist on traditional coffee shop loyalty cards. Collect 'stamps' online and in-store via Apple/Google wallets and earn rewards for frequent purchases, driving sales and customer retention.


Gain Flexibility In Running Stamp Card Loyalty.

With, you have full control over how your customers can get a loyalty stamp.
Our StampCard program can be applied to:

Selected Products

Helpful for promoting in-store items like coffee or cakes

Whole Order

Perfect to encourage purchases and increase sales volumes

Specific Collection

Recommended for seasonal events like Christmas, Halloween

Engage, Reward, Return

Incentivize Stamp Card Usage.

Pre-filling slots on stamp cards can provide customers with an immediate sense of progress and encourage them to continue collecting stamps towards their reward.

Ways to Earn & redeem

How Customers Can Use Stamps. provides a wide range of automatic rewards for your customers. You can customize the reward parameter (i.e., 5 stamps = 1 coffee) and choose from commonly used reward strategies. These strategies are based on customer behaviour data available in our app, encouraging customers to make additional purchases to complete their stamp cards.

Percentage Discount

Select a % discount depending on the stamps collected.

Product Discount

Offer shoppers lower prices on your selected items to boost their sales.

Free Shipping

Remove the shipping cost barriers and encourage purchases.

Account Discount

Add a coupon discount that can be used for all products.

Point Exchange

Convert stamps for points to enjoy more loyalty benefits.

Gift Cards

Create a versatile gift card for shoppers to redeem in the next purchase.

Drive Customer Loyalty With Simple Addition

The classic stamp card loyalty program in a digital format allows you to manage earning conditions and rewards based on data while enhancing customer convenience.

We've got a lot of older customers in-store who are a big part of our business. They might not necessarily want to use the Apple Wallet, so it’s great to be able to offer them a physical card.
Philippa Woolfrey
Marketing Manager @ Doghouse

Personalize Your Digital StampCard Branding.

Reinforce your brand identity and increase recognition among customers who use the stamp card.
  • Upload a custom stamp icon
  • Change the hero header image to your liking
  • Match the slot & background color with your palette
  • Add your custom text in your own language
Personalize your digital stampcard branding

Boost Sales and Retention With StampCard