Dec 4, 2023

How DOGHOUSE Masters Multi-Channel Loyalty With Google & Apple Wallet

Ellie Bradford
December 4, 2023

Explore multi-channel loyalty success with DOGHOUSE using Seamless in-store and online cohesion for boosted engagement.

Case Studies

With both physical and online stores, DOGHOUSE runs a cohesive loyalty program using’s Google and Apple Wallet integrations. 

The Challenge

As you might have guessed from the name, DOGHOUSE is a brand for pet owners and their canine companions. Its flagship store opened back in 2017, combining a high-end pet shop with a grooming salon and dog cafe. 

This has since been complemented by an online store, and a second physical store opened in 2021. 

To enhance the sense of community around the brand - and encourage continued growth - the team decided to launch a loyalty program.

The challenge was finding an affordable solution that enabled a seamless loyalty experience across both on and offline channels. 

Because we're a blend of in-store and online, we wanted something that worked with both. We really struggled to find anything - and the bigger players weren't really interested because obviously their bread and butter is online.
DOGHOUSE Marketing Manager, Philipa Woolfrey

The Solution

Loyalty QR codes and smart integration with Apple and Google Wallets were what DOGHOUSE needed - and was the solution to deliver. 

For in-store teams, the Shopify POS plugin means simply scanning a QR code to access a customer’s loyalty details and make sure all in-store purchases are tracked. 

For the customer, it’s the convenience of having a virtual loyalty card stored directly on their phone - linked to their online account - so they can earn and redeem rewards wherever they choose. 

While these features weren’t actually live when the team got in touch, they were well into the development stages. This means we were able to respond quickly to what DOGHOUSE needed, and all at an affordable price point.

“When we spoke to, you listened to our requests and said the things we needed were already in the pipeline. Within two weeks you'd rolled out the Apple Wallet integration, which was really important to us.” 

Within a month of launching, DOGHOUSE had 1,214 customers signed up to its loyalty program. Not only that, these customers are actively engaged, with a redemption rate of 21% compared to the 15% average. 

The Strategy

The features and tools we offer are what facilitates a seamless loyalty experience - but it's how DOGHOUSE runs the program that makes it work.

At the heart of it all is community. This is a driving force for the business, particularly in its physical stores where people come to meet and mingle, and every canine customer is known by name. It’s also visible in its social media presence, which allows both on and offline customers to be part of the same dog-loving network.

A loyalty program is a natural extension of this, used to give thanks to that community for its continued support. 

“Giving back to our community was really important, especially when more and more people could buy their dog food on Amazon or online, but they're choosing to support a high street brand.”

Customization is the key to linking the community vibe to the loyalty program. Customers are ‘welcomed to the pack’ and awarded ‘canine credits’, whilst branded headers make digital cards instantly recognizable. The whole approach offers consistency with the wider brand experience. 

Next, it’s all about making the program visible - something else DOGHOUSE does incredibly well. 

In-store, it’s a fairly easy sell, with friendly staff and cashiers promoting the program in person. Online, DOGHOUSE uses a combination of our full page and pop-up widgets.

The full-page widget gives plenty of space to explain loyalty features and benefits in full - ways to earn points, ways to redeem points, and details on referrals. Meanwhile, the pop-up widget promotes the program on every page and gives existing members easy access to their points balance. A big shout out to our Product Specialist Kai here, who helped a lot with the brand’s onboarding and initial set-up. 

On a final note, what we love about the DOGHOUSE loyalty program is its sense of inclusivity. Not only does it offer a seamless experience across both online and physical channels, it also caters to individual preferences.

For customers who don’t want a digital loyalty card, DOGHOUSE provides physical plastic cards that can be easily assigned to loyalty member profiles, thanks to our on-hand coding support. Brands also have the option to download and print a QR code that can be used for physical loyalty cards. One of many different use cases for how to get the most of the QR Code Loyalty cards.

“We've got a lot of older customers in-store who are a big part of our business. They might not necessarily want to use the Apple Wallet, so it’s great to be able to offer them a physical card.”

DOGHOUSE is based in the South West, with its flagship store in Bradford on Avon, and its second store in Clifton, Bristol. If you’re a canine-loving local we highly recommend you pop by and experience the community vibe first hand. 

And if you’re a merchant looking for a multi-channel loyalty program yourself, why not check out our range of affordable price plans, and invest in long-term success with loyalty?