May 10, 2023

Unlocking Loyalty: Enhancing Merchant Success with Shopify POS & Shopify Gift Cards

Ellie Bradford
May 10, 2023

Discover our enhanced Shopify integration, streamlining our loyalty program through Shopify POS.

Reward Strategy

At, we are continuously evolving our platform and integration capabilities with Shopify to deliver the best possible user experience. has made significant updates related to Shopify. In this blog post, we will discuss the recent update and how they can benefit merchants who use our loyalty platform in conjunction with Shopify.

Specifically, we will cover two updates: first, our integration with Shopify POS; and second, our latest feature that allows merchants to reward customers using the Shopify Gift Card.

A Beginner's Guide to Shopify POS: What It Is & How To Use It:

Shopify POS syncs with Shopify to track your orders and inventory across your retail locations, online store, physical store and other active sales channels. You can even view and manage your store's orders directly from the app.

For example, when a customer orders from your online store, they can collect and/or spend points through their account. When the same customer purchases in-store, the points collected as a result of the purchase will be added to the same account as it is all under one umbrella system: Shopify POS. 

How Merchants Can Benefit from the X Shopify POS Integration

Thanks to our latest integration, & users can log into the Dashboard directly from the Shopify POS app, making the navigation process to easier and more streamlined. In short, using our Shopify POS tile, merchants can access the dashboard, view customer's point balances and redeem rewards on behalf of their customers, all within the POS app.

Moreover, you can now apply discounts for your customers directly within the POS device, without having to switch to the browser app. This results in a smoother checkout experience for both the merchant and the customer, as everything can be handled within a single app, making the process more efficient.

Also, it is more convenient for in-store workers to locate the customer's account details by having the data available directly in their Shopify POS machine. Store assistants can pull through specific customer data from their account, such as the number of loyalty points available, including the discounts they can redeem and how many points this will cost them to redeem. When customers shop online or in-store, their loyalty points are collected and spent through one platform: using our Shopify POS integration.

Accessing Loyalty Programs & Redeeming Points In-Store: A Visual Guide

In this visual guide, we'll take you through the Shopify POS journey for in-store assistants locating a customer's loyalty program during a transaction. We'll show you how to seamlessly add your loyalty program to the Shopify POS and access the dashboard directly from the system. Plus, we'll guide you on how our integration with Shopify POS enables customers to redeem points in-store, resulting in a smoother customer experience that merchants can easily manage.

Step 1: Add a tile to link the App to the Shopify POS in-store system
Step 2: Select the ‘App’ option to ensure the tile is linked to the App

Step 3:
Add your App Extension
Step 4:
Add your App Website
Step 5:
See the Customer Profile has appeared next to the Checkout, allowing store assistants to view their loyalty program points collected using

Step 6: Track & apply discounts
during in-store checkout based on available points, covering both online and in-store purchases
Step 7:
Head straight to the Dashboard from your Shopify POS system to view the customers points awarded and redeemed

What is a Shopify Gift Card and how does it work in loyalty programs?

A Shopify Gift Card is a virtual card that can be distributed by Shopify store owners to their customers, via email, as an incentive, or given as a reward for loyal customers within a loyalty program.

In terms of benefitting merchants, Shopify Gift cards help businesses to:

  • - Increase Revenue
  • - Support Customer Acquisition
  • - Increase Brand Awareness
  • - Improved Cash Flow

Gift cards can benefit multiple areas of your business from increasing awareness to improving cash flow. Implementing the distribution of Shopify Gift Cards can simultaneously support customer loyalty and business growth. 

Rewarding customers with the Shopify Gift Card on

Offering Gift Cards as a monetary reward that can be redeemed within a loyalty program is a great way to foster a loyal customer base while encouraging repeat business due to offering a discount to the merchants store.

By providing Shopify Gift Cards with, merchants can add the option for customers with loyalty accounts to redeem the reward. As well as fostering loyalty & rewarding your customers, the benefit of allowing your customers to redeem gift cards is that they can use this in combination with other discount codes and across multiple orders, so long as they don't spend the entire balance in one purchase.

We have an Editor Page that allows merchants to create custom Shopify Gift Cards within the Dash. Specifically, merchants can choose the number of points that the reward will cost as well as the value of the discount being provided through the Gift Card.

For example, a £50 Gift Card may cost the customer 400 points to redeem. You can edit the name of the reward to suit your brand and customize the icon to fit it with your branding.

Shopify POS and Shopify Gift Cards with 

In summary, we have made significant improvements to our integration with Shopify in two key aspects: our seamless integration with Shopify POS and the introduction of Shopify Gift Cards as rewards for merchants. These updates are specifically designed to streamline the rewards process, benefiting merchants and fostering stronger customer loyalty.

With the Shopify POS integration, merchants can effortlessly navigate to directly from the Shopify POS app, redeem discounts, and access customers' loyalty data, all within one streamlined interface. As for the new Shopify Gift Card, merchants can incentivize customers with virtual gift cards to promote repeat business and provide a discount at the merchant's store.

If you found this overview of our recent improvements interesting, consider taking a closer look. Join us on and experience these changes firsthand with our free trial.