Nov 2, 2023

Turn Points into Impact with our New Redemption Rule

Ellie Bradford
November 2, 2023

Spread joy, drive social change, and enhance brand perception. Make a difference this season and beyond with

Reward Strategy

Halloween is out, Christmas is in. The holiday season is finally upon us, which means one thing for eCommerce merchants: an increase in website traffic, sales, and a chance to show your customers what your brand is all about. 

For those who celebrate Christmas, it is the season filled with joy, laughter, celebrations, and of course, gift-giving.

We’re sure that you’re already rewarding your customers this holiday season through discounts, savings and exclusive membership rewards. 

But, have you thought about how you can help your customers to give back? 

According to new research from Enthuse, half of people say they are more likely to give to charity at Christmas than during the rest of the year, rising to 69% for Gen Z. The decorations, music, and general holiday cheer seem to inspire more charitable acts.

Introducing Our New Donation Redeem Rule

Our latest update to the redemption rules is the ‘Donation Redeem Rule’ that allows your customers to donate their hard-earned loyalty points directly to a charity that you select.

After earning points by making purchases, engaging with your brand on social media, writing reviews, referring friends, and more, customers will have the option to redeem their points for a monetary donation to a charity you select. 

For example, if 10 points equal $1, a customer with 50 points could opt to convert those into a $5 donation. It's a seamless, integrated way for your loyal customers to transform the points they've accumulated into real philanthropic impact.

Gifting the gift of giving this holiday season through the implementation of the donation redeem rule, highlights your brands ethos and support to charitable events, making potential customers learn more about your brand from an ethical standpoint too. Unsure of how to value your points to support the donation? No problem - we've got a 5-step guide to showcase how you can calculate the value of your points.

Raising money for your chosen charity as part of your loyalty program is a sure-fire way to make sure your brand is making meaningful contributions to charities that resonate with your brand or your customers. 

For example, a vegan skincare brand that openly advocates the removal of animal testing might want to choose a charity such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to send their customers’ donations to, as if their customers resonate with the chosen charity, they are more likely to contribute.

Therefore, making sure that your charity aligns with your target market is also a factor to consider when setting up your Donation Redeem rule. The earn & redeem element is the bread and butter of a loyalty program. Still need more context? We've outlined everything you need to know about a point based loyalty program which aligns nicely with our latest addition to the redemption options: the donation redeem rule.

More than Profits: Driving Social Change through Loyalty

The holidays are a time when people look for meaningful ways to brighten someone else's day and give back to their community. 

With our new donation redemption feature, your customers can easily experience the joy of generosity this Christmas season by supporting a cause that's close to their hearts, whether that's feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, or researching for a cure.

Not only does this option allow your customers to truly embrace the holiday spirit of giving, but the benefits extend to your business too. Providing a donation redemption option demonstrates that you care about more than just profits - you want to drive real social change and make a positive impact. 

It's a great way to enhance brand perception and show customers your values. Plus, it incentivizes customers to engage more frequently with your brand in order to rack up points to then donate.

More Ways to Give Back This Season

In addition to direct donations, there are so many ways to spread goodwill and cheer this holiday season by leveraging a number of our loyalty program features:

  • Encourage Referrals by giving points to friends and family who can then choose to donate to the charity.
  • Reward Affiliates with points that they can pay forward to charity during the holiday season. 
  • Rally customers around a shared mission to be generous in the season of giving. 

However you choose to implement it, our donation redemption feature enables your brand to facilitate human connections, spread joy, and make a real difference this Christmas, the holiday season and beyond. Get started with today. 

The True Meaning of the Holidays

While gifts and celebrations are wonderful parts of the holidays, it is the season of giving to your loved ones, and to the less fortunate. 

At, we're proud to empower merchants and customers to embrace the true meaning of the season through loyalty programs that build community and fuel charitable impact for, not only for the Christmas period but indefinitely.