Nov 9, 2023

Customize Earn Rules in Shopify Flows

Ellie Bradford
November 9, 2023

Integrate with Shopify Flow for smart automation. Tailor triggers, automate rewards and boost engagement with our loyalty solution.

Reward Strategy

Loyalty programs are filled with a range of rewards for customers, to boost customer engagement and drive repeat sales from loyal customers. 

However, ensuring that your rewards are not only creative but are also customized to suit your brand, industry, and customer base is key to making them successful. 

With's General Purpose Earn Rule from Shopify Flow actions thanks to our integration, you gain the power to set your own rewards triggers to incentivize customers easily.

What is Shopify Flow? 

Shopify Flow is an exclusive automation platform for Shopify Plus merchants, allowing you to build customized workflows to streamline operations. 

With Flow, you can connect triggers, conditions, and actions to automate everything from campaigns to loyalty programs.

The key is tailoring those workflows to meet your business needs. The integration with gives you the flexibility to create loyalty program rules within Shopify. You simply set a trigger like a purchase or an account creation, add conditions if desired, and connect it to a reward action from 

This automation lets you seamlessly incentivize customers based on their engagement with your brand. The possibilities are endless for crafting workflows that drive retention and loyalty. Learn more about creating workflows in Shopify Flow via the Shopify Help Center.

More Control & Flexibility Over Your Loyalty Program

The most effective loyalty programs tailor rewards to fit a merchant's unique goals. 

With the General Purpose Earn Rule, you can do just that by pairing any Shopify Flow trigger with customized rewards. 

Want to incentivize product reviews through your loyalty program? Encourage friend referrals? Or even reward Subscriptions? You make the rules. This flexibility and control allow you to continually refine your program to keep customers engaged.

Seamless Integration Connects Actions to Rewards

The integration seamlessly connects Shopify Flow triggers to the General Purpose Earn Rule:

  1. Create a General Purpose Earn Rule in, setting the points amount to award.
  2. Get the unique Rule ID
  3. In Shopify Flows, choose a trigger like a purchase or an account creation. 
  4. Add an action to reward the General Purpose Earn Rule i.e. 20 points.
  5. Paste in the Rule ID

Now, your customized earn rule activates each time the customized trigger you have set occurs, effortlessly rewarding customers through the automated flow and simultaneously fuelling engagement by allowing your customers to earn points.

For more information on how to set trigger the General Purpose Earn rule from Shopify Flow actions, please visit our support article.

Focus on Strategy While Automating Rewards

With this setup, handles all the loyalty program management - point balances, redemptions, member profiles - freeing you to focus on the high-value program strategy, or customizing exactly what types of earn rules you want to set your customers. 

Making the ways to earn align even more with your target market will mean a higher adoption of the program and their drive to engage with the program and earn points.  

Thanks to the integration, merchants now have the tools to get creative with reward rules that align with their specific business goals. 

New Opportunities to Incentivize Customers

Integrating the General Purpose Earn Rule unlocks new possibilities like:

- Rewarding first-time purchasers with a welcome points bonus
- Running weekly promotions where leaving a  review earns customers extra points
- Gamifying your loyalty program with referrals by adding increasingly larger rewards above a certain amount of referrals.
- Celebrating loyalty anniversaries with tier bonuses, with the data in and the actions set in Shopify Flows, you can trigger personalized messaging and points to reward customers' long-standing loyalty even more easily.
- Incentivize subscription-based purchases with monthly points.

Above are some examples of how merchants can integrate the rule to their advantage, but the world is your oyster when it comes to customizing the General Purpose Earn Rule, so long as the earn rule links to a trigger that you can set up in a Shopify Flow, automating your customer's ability to earn points has never been easier. 

Increase Loyalty & LTV with Strategic Rewards

With more control over tailoring and automating rewards, you can turn casual customers into passionate brand advocates who make repeat purchases. 

Combining the power of Shopify Flows and lets you create a strategic loyalty program that boosts engagement, retention, and LTV.

The General Purpose Earn Rule integration provides the flexibility and automation to make rewards work harder for your business. Get started with