Jun 5, 2024

How to Switch Your Loyalty Program: A Guide For BigCommerce Users

Kai Jensen
June 5, 2024

Switching your rewards program to can be a smooth process when you follow these 8 essential steps.

Reward Strategy

Switching your rewards program to can be a smooth process when you follow these 8 essential steps. This guide is tailored specifically for BigCommerce users, ensuring a seamless migration and enhanced customer loyalty. 

8 Steps for a Seamless Switch

1. Integrate with BigCommerce

Begin by linking your BigCommerce account with Establishing solid infrastructure for your loyalty program is necessary for successful alignment between your store and rewards program. 

Setup Instructions:

✓  Install the app to your BigCommerce store.

✓  Sign in or create an account, then go to the dashboard and Enable Registrations. 

✓  Ensure that the Accounts are required OR Accounts are optional checkbox is selected.

Apply your BigCommerce settings via Settings > BigCommerce Settings > Order Settings

2. Build Your Loyalty Program

Navigate to the Loyalty Program tab in the dashboard to start configuring your earn and redeem rules. offers various customisable options when it comes to how customers will accumulate points and redeem rewards.

👉 Start fresh by disabling your initial earn and redeem rules for full customisation. 

3. Define Earn & Redeem Rules

Create actions for earning points and assign specific values to each action. For redemption, choose rewards and determine the cost in points (e.g.100 points for a 10% discount). These rules can be adjusted as needed.

Best practices:

✔︎ Analyse industry trends and competitors strategies.

✔︎ Design a transparent and achievable point system.

✔︎ Introduce multi-level reward tiers. 

✔︎ Provide customised rewards based on customer preferences.

✔︎ Engage customers with gamification elements.

✔︎ Simplify the redemption process.

✔︎ Leverage social sharing and referrals.

4. Establish Referral Rewards

Set up your referral rewards to encourage engagement. Offering discounts (e.g. 20% off) for both parties is a great way to boost customer engagement and referrals.

5. Add Loyalty Tiers

Implement Loyalty Tiers with exclusive perks to your rewards program. It’s an effective way of making customers understand the value of their position in relation to others.

Choose tier names that align with your brand choosing your tier names, something that is relevant to your products or brand themes is an effective approach. 

6. Activate Email Marketing

Utilise’s automated email systems to communicate with your customers, you can communicate with your customers through our automated emails. 

Quickly get started with our templates for the below actions 👇

✉️ Points Earned

✉️ Birthday Reward

✉️ Reward Redeemed

✉️ Customer Receives Reward

✉️ Point Expiry Warning

✉️ Customer Loyalty Tier Changed

Tip: Integrate with Klaviyo for targeted campaigns and create custom flows using our event triggers. 

7. Choose & Customise Your Widgets

Go to the Widget tab in the dashboard to choose and customise widgets to fit your site's theme. There are various options for you to select depending on what will fit best. Adjust design and colours to provide a seamless look. 

8. Data Migration & Launch

Export data from your existing loyalty program, including customer point balances and tier information. Once imported into, you can head back Home in our dashboard to select Enable Programs. Activate your program and see your widgets go live!

Key Considerations After Making the Switch  

Refine Program Structure

Post transfer it’s good to review the structure of your loyalty and rewards program. Evaluate point allocation, redemption thresholds, tiers, affiliates, referrals and branding. 

Using our analytics feature you can measure key metrics such as customer participation, redemption rates, and overall engagement. Considering these metrics will give you insights into the success of your program. 

Relaunch Your Rewards Program

Revitalise your loyalty program for the chance to re-engage with your customers. It’s crucial to be clear about any changes, this can be done through effective promotional campaigns. There are many different ways that you can effectively market your loyalty program. 

Launch Captivating Email Campaigns

You have multiple options for launching your campaign. Here are a few ideas to kickstart your efforts:

✅“Reintroducing our Rewards Program”

Send a series of emails explaining any new ways to earn and redeem points.

✅“Introducing Loyalty Tiers”

Create excitement by explaining the benefits for customers moving to higher tiers.  Gamifying your loyalty program through the adoption of loyalty tiers is useful for rewarding your most loyal customers.

✅“Referral Updates” 

Keep customers updated on their referral activity in order to encourage ongoing engagement. A successful referral program can notably lower acquisition costs. 

Ready to Make the Switch?

Selecting the right platform for your BigCommerce store is crucial for enhancing both new and returning customer experiences. offers a robust solution to elevate your loyalty program and strengthen customer loyalty. By refining your program structure, leveraging powerful analytics, and maintaining transparent communication, you can significantly boost engagement and satisfaction.

Whether you're contemplating the switch or eager to get started, we're here to support you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. You can also book a demo to speak directly with one of our experts. We're excited to help you take your customer loyalty program to the next level with