Mar 1, 2023

Roll Out Rewards in 5 Steps with’s Quick Launch Loyalty Program

Ellie Bradford
March 1, 2023 is the perfect loyalty solution, for growing eCommerce businesses because of its affordable price plans, flexibility, and commitment to product development. Reward customers with gifts for their birthdays, newsletter subscriptions, or social media interaction like followers, likes, and shares.

Reward Strategy

Getting started with loyalty shouldn’t be complicated. With you can activate a brand specific rewards system and install our code free widgets in quick time - then test and develop your strategy as you go. It’s the flexible, scalable loyalty solution for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, a well designed loyalty program is a profitable part of any eCommerce strategy. It differentiates you from the competition, encourages customer retention, and boosts revenue through increased LTV.

To put some stats on it, research has found that an effective loyalty program can increase annual revenue from program members by 15% to 25% - either because they buy more often, they have a higher AOV, or both.

The problem is so many brands are deterred by the perceived barriers to entry (i.e. the expense and implementation time) that they never get started with loyalty, and so never achieve that high value return. removes those barriers. You can start rewarding shoppers in as few as five steps, and then experiment with different techniques to find what works for your brand and customer base. And you can do it all risk free. 

How to Set Up a Loyalty Program in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is sign up for through the Shopify app store. Depending on the needs of your business you can choose our free Start Up or our Rewards Plus plan.

You’ll then be prompted to install the app, at which point you can name your loyalty program and choose a widget launcher icon to add to your store (don’t worry too much about these now as you can change both at any time).

Step 2: You’ll then complete a very short survey. It’s here we find out some key details like your average order value and cost per acquisition so we can set up an out-of-the-box loyalty plan tailored to your business - a ready made solution based on what we know to work well and an instant way for your customers to earn and redeem rewards.

Step 3: With your loyalty plan created, head to your dashboard and navigate to Enable Registrations. This is a critical step, as customers must create an account to collect and redeem points.

Step 4: Next choose your preferred option between our full page and floating widgets. Both offer no code installation, integrate seamlessly with the latest Shopify themes, and can be fully customized to suit your brand.

They’ve also both been speed tested by Shopify and are classified as low impact, so won’t slow down your site’s performance.

Step 5: Head back to the homepage of your dashboard, go to Enable Programs, and toggle to activate.

Your loyalty program is now live with your chosen widgets displayed on site.

Taking Loyalty to the Next Level is a scalable solution - ideal if you’re after a simple but effective rewards system with scope to develop your strategy. 

Along with our quick launch loyalty program, you’ll find the following features available to you:

Earn and Redeem

Here you can set up and trial more ways for customers to earn and redeem loyalty points.

In addition to points per purchase, you might reward customers for birthdays, creating an account or social interactions like follows, likes and shares. You can set a specific number of points relative to each action.

For purchase points, you can award these according to the individual product, so a customer may earn different rewards for different items in their basket - useful if you want to run promotions on certain lines. Of course you can also exclude products from your points system.

For redemption, experiment with free shipping, fixed amount or percentage discounts.

VIP Program

With loyalty tiers, you can set a customer’s rewards according to their loyalty status. The more they interact with your brand the higher their tier level, and the more benefits they receive.

If you’re already running a tiered program through another solution, we’ve made it possible to import existing tier levels and tier progressions to 


Referral campaigns are a great way to attract new customers by incentivising word of mouth. Use this feature to reward your existing customer base for recommending you to family and friends, and to reward those referees that convert.


Create a loyalty program that matches your identity with our code free customization tools. Easily edit colors, font styles, buttons, content and more for both widgets and campaign emails to create an on-brand customer experience.

We’re constantly developing our solution to meet our customers’ needs, so if there’s a loyalty feature you’d like to see implemented let us know. 

Get Started with Loyalty Today

Affordable price plans, scalability, and our commitment to product development make the best loyalty solution for fast growing eCommerce brands. Try us out with a free account today or contact our team for more information.

And if you’re not a Shopify merchant watch this space - we’re currently working on integrations with all the major eCommerce platforms.