Feb 2, 2024

Introducing The Digital StampCard: A Quick and Easy Way to Encourage Repeat Custom

Kai Jensen
February 2, 2024

Our latest feature release - the StampCard - brings the familiar concept of stamps for rewards into the digital age of customer loyalty. 

Reward Strategy

Looking for a simple yet effective way to encourage repeat purchases and long-term retention? Our latest feature release - the StampCard - brings the familiar concept of stamps for rewards into the digital age of customer loyalty. 

We’re all familiar with the idea of a stamp card. You make a qualifying purchase, receive a stamp, and when your card is full, you hand it over in exchange for a designated reward. 

The most common use case that springs to mind is the coffee shop, where a certain number of stamps equals a drink on the house. 

But this loyalty tactic is employed by a whole host of business types offering their own benefits - whether it’s a free nights stay at a hotel, a complementary treatment from a beauty salon, or freebies and discounts given by high street retailers. 

What our latest feature does is allow you to offer customers a digital version of the stamp card experience, where they receive virtual stamps for every qualifying purchase, whether that purchase takes place in a physical store or online. 

And thanks to our advanced Apple and Google Wallet integrations, they have quick and easy access to their digital stamp cards with just a few taps on their smartphone.

It’s a convenient, customer centric way to foster loyalty, whether you run a brick and mortar site, an eCommerce store, or a combination of the two. 

If you’re not yet running a loyalty program, or you’re looking to switch from your current loyalty solution, why not take for a test drive with a free demo? It’s packed with user-friendly features to help take your business to the next level.

Create a Custom Digital StampCard Program

As with our points based and tiered loyalty programs, you can customize your stamp card both in terms of its look and feel, and how it works. 

Align it with your Brand Identity

For maximum participation, your digital stamp card should be instantly recognizable and reinforce your existing brand identity. Using our code free editing tools, you can easily change fonts, colors and text to fit with your visual aesthetic. 

You can also upload your own header image and a unique stamp icon - like a coffee bean for a cafe, or a paw print for a pet store. There’s also a number of default icons for you to choose from if you prefer.

StampCard by

Set up your Earn Rules

Next determine the purchases that will see customers earn virtual stamps. Just like the look of your digital stamp card, earn rules are easily customizable and can be tied to whole orders, particular products, or specific collections. 

However you choose to set them up, make sure earn rules are transparent and easy to understand. If they’re confusing, it’ll deter customers from active participation.

Choose your Rewards

There are multiple ways you can reward a full stamp card, including fixed amount or percentage discounts, discounts on certain product lines, and free shipping. You can even opt to exchange a full stamp card for a gift card, giving customers more control over how they use their rewards.

If you use to run a points based or tiered program alongside your stamp card, you can give customers the option to convert stamps to points so they can work towards even greater rewards or advance to the next tier for exclusive benefits. 

Kick Start Participation

We’ve made it easy for you to generate a buzz around your program and kick-start participation by pre-filling stamps. So for example, if a full card equals 10 stamps you might offer a joining bonus of two free stamps to get the ball rolling.

And don’t forget to promote your program through all available channels, like social media, email campaigns and in-store signage. 

Stampcard by loyalty program app

How Digital Stamp Cards Can Benefit Your Business

Convenient for the Customer

No more fumbling through physical wallets or searching for lost cards. As long as they have their phones to hand customers will always have easy access to their digital stamp cards. This gives them a hassle free way to track progress and earn rewards whenever they choose to engage with your brand. 

As it’s all managed through our Apple and Google wallet integration, there’s no need for them to install additional apps on their phone. It also means that whenever they access their digital wallet, they’ll see the header image of your card, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds. 

Omnichannel Integration

If you sell through multiple channels - online, in-store, at pop-ups or events - a digital stamp card allows you to offer a cohesive and engaging loyalty experience across the board. 

For example, a customer might earn virtual stamps through online purchases and later redeem their rewards at your physical store. It’s a level of versatility that you don’t get with a physical card. 

Data Insights

Something else a physical card can’t give you - but a digital card can - is data. And we all know how valuable data is when it comes to enhancing the customer experience to build long-lasting loyalty. 

With a digital stamp card you can better understand purchasing patterns, preferences and engagement levels to make improvements to your program over time. 

Gamification Drives Engagement

A stamp card introduces gamification to a loyalty scheme by giving customers a visual representation of their progress. Collecting stamps becomes a quest, and because they can see how close they are to ‘completing the level’, they’re more likely to make those repeat purchases that get them there.

It’s a very simple way to increase engagement  and encourage customer retention.

Stand Alone Use

If you’re not yet ready to roll out a full scale loyalty program you can use the Stamp Card as a standalone feature. 

You can keep things simple while you test the waters with loyalty, learning more about typical spending habits and what rewards resonate most with your customers.

Launch Your Digital Stamp Card with

The new StampCard feature brings maximum simplicity to a loyalty program. Easy to set up and customize, you can roll out an effective engagement strategy that keeps customers coming back for more in just a few steps. 

It’s available now to customers on our Starter, Plus and Enterprise plans.