Mar 1, 2023

Enhance Your Customer Loyalty Program with These 4 Best Use Cases for our Klaviyo Integration

Kai Jensen
March 1, 2023

Boost customer loyalty with and Klaviyo integration. Personalize rewards, build brand community, drive acquisition with email referrals, add customer reviews, and increase revenue and engagement. Maximize your tech stack with our expert guidance.

Reward Strategy

A good loyalty program offers more than just points for purchases. It delivers true recognition on a personal level and encourages an emotional connection between brand and consumer. To make that happen, you need a customer focused strategy and the right tools to execute it - tools like and Klaviyo. 

Encouraging loyalty through reward is nothing new. In fact retailers have been doing it in one way or another since the 18th century. Copper coins, stamps, coupons and loyalty cards all paved the way for the digital programs we use today.

And those programs can be highly profitable for eCommerce merchants, with customer loyalty proven to increase revenue and lower costs.

But just as the delivery of loyalty programs has evolved, so has customer expectation and the way shoppers interact with the brands they love. That means you now have to create a far more engaging experience to earn and retain loyalty. 

How to Run a Successful Loyalty Program with and Klaviyo and Klaviyo are best-of-breed solutions for loyalty and email marketing respectively. Together, they can help you run a smarter loyalty program that brings real growth potential for your brand.  

Create Customer Segments for Personalization

Today’s consumers want to be treated as individuals. That’s because it gives you so much data. Points balances, loyalty status, purchase behavior - all this data can be sent from to Klaviyo, where you can segment your subscribers to deliver unique loyalty experiences. 

71 % of consumers expect brands to send personalized communications - McKinsey

Take a tiered loyalty program for example. Here you can use a customer’s status to offer specific rewards, promote the perks of the tier they're in, and foster greater loyalty by showing them how close they are to the exclusive benefits of the next level. 

Personalization is a great way to drive engagement, and the foundation of every successful loyalty program. And it’s super easy to achieve when you combine data with Klaviyo’ segmentation capabilities.  

Encourage Loyalty Members to be Part of your Brand Community

To be part of a brand community is to share the same values with that brand (and other like minded consumers), engage with its content and advocate for it. And with 66% of customers saying community increases their brand loyalty, it makes perfect sense to focus on community as part of your loyalty strategy. 

Using data, you can set up Klaviyo flows that encourage loyalty subscribers to connect and engage with your brand online. Simply promote rewards for actions like social media follows, shares, tags and @mentions in your email campaigns. 

For the customer, it’s an easy way to top up their points balance. For you, it’s an effective way to build deeper connections with loyalty members and grow your brand community. 

Drive Acquisition with an Email Referral Program

Every good loyalty program should have a referral marketing strategy at its core. After all, loyalty subscribers are already invested in your brand and so more likely to recommend it to family and friends, particularly when there’s an incentive involved. 

With Klaviyo and, you can automate the whole process by adding email referral campaigns into flows for your most loyal customers.

It’s a cost and time efficient form of acquisition that yields impressive results - leads from referrals have a 30% higher conversion rate than leads from other marketing channels.

Add Customer Reviews into your Strategy

Now you’ve got and Klaviyo working side by side, up your game even more by integrating

With these three tools in your tech stack you have a retention marketing powerhouse. First, reward loyalty members for leaving reviews, offering more points for photo and video content. Then incorporate this UGC into email campaigns sent through Klaviyo. 

Adding this content to your loyalty communications can really drive engagement. For example imagine reconnecting with a lapsed subscriber by reminding them of their points balance and adding a gallery of shoppable UGC based on their past purchases. 

It’s also a great way to establish that sense of community among loyalty members by sharing authentic experiences.  

Build Your Tech Stack for Smarter Loyalty

A good loyalty program gives you the competitive edge you need to thrive in eCommerce. An essential part of a retention strategy, it not only helps you hold onto your customers but increases their lifetime value. 

It can also turn those customers into profitable brand advocates, happy to recommend you to family and friends, and to produce quality review content for your marketing efforts.

All of this is possible with the right tools in your tech stack, and our recommendations for how to make those tools work smarter. For help setting up the and Klaviyo integration - or indeed integrating - contact Customer Success. Sign up to now with our free trial!