Jul 7, 2023

Why Your Bottom Line Depends on a Visible Loyalty Program

Ellie Bradford
July 7, 2023

Maximize customer engagement and retention with a visible loyalty program, offering easy access, enhanced visibility, and effortless referrals.


When customers think about the brands they love, they are drawn to those with a visible loyalty program. Consider the biggest brand names in the world - do they have a loyalty program? The answer is almost always yes.

From Amazon Prime offering incentives like Next Day Delivery to Starbucks Rewards, the first loyalty program made available through a mobile app, loyalty programs are essential to foster a sense of community and brand loyalty.

But how do brands get customers to engage with the program in the first place? They must ensure their loyalty program is accessible and visible. 

“84% of consumers are more likely to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program.”

The presence of a loyalty program plays a crucial role in determining its perceived value and the customers' decision to join. As a result, the visibility of your rewards program directly influences your ability to attract, engage, and retain new members.

Let's explore the importance of's customer engagement model and uncover how a visible loyalty program can successfully achieve these goals at each stage.

Easy Access with Pop-Up Widgets 

To turn customers into loyal, repeat customers, they must be aware of your loyalty program. Unfortunately, many brands hide their rewards program information deep within their website, making it challenging for customers to find and join.

This approach creates unnecessary obstacles and frustrates potential members, resulting in missed opportunities for conversion and valuable customer engagement.

At, we understand the importance of a highly visible program. That's why we have pop-up widgets that allow merchants to display their loyalty program on almost every page of their website to ensure optimal visibility.

It's all about making sure that every site visitor knows about your loyalty program and can easily be part of the community. For them, showcasing the benefits of joining the program is where you’ll win: promoting the earn points, redeeming rewards, and progressing through the tier system.

Program Visibility Enhances Customer Engagement

Once a customer joins your loyalty program, it's essential to help them understand how to use it effectively. By having a visible rewards widget, merchants can remind returning customers that they are already part of your rewards program.

This reminder encourages them to explore and increase their points balance, fostering engagement and motivating them to reach the next redemption threshold. For example, adding a 'Rewards' page in your navigation bar, means that the loyalty program is accessible on each page of your site.

When customers have to search for information on how to engage with a rewards program, it creates a poor customer experience. By providing visible program navigation with clear instructions, you reduce obstacles and make it easier for members to participate in your program.

At, we have successfully implemented a loyalty program panel that allows members to access their points balance and discover various engagement opportunities.

By making it easy for customers to engage with our program, we strengthen the emotional connection with each member, ensuring they return and making our brand an integral part of their shopping habits.

Timely Email Reminders

Visibility plays a crucial role in the success of loyalty programs, and one of the most effective ways to achieve it is through email engagement. Email communication serves as a vital tool for businesses to connect with their customers and maintain their loyalty.

While redeem reminders are undoubtedly useful in terms of encouraging customers to utilize their accumulated points, they may not contribute significantly to program visibility. By the time customers receive redemption reminders, they are already aware of the program's existence, having interacted with it by redeeming points in the past.

On the other hand, the email reminder for earning points serves as a powerful tool for boosting visibility. This email not only reinforces the existence of the loyalty program but also informs customers about the opportunity to accumulate points.

By regularly sending points to earn emails, businesses ensure that their customers are continuously reminded of the program's benefits and incentives. This sustained visibility keeps customers engaged and motivated to actively participate in the loyalty program, fostering a deeper sense of connection and ultimately driving long-term loyalty.

Recognition with Referrals 

Encouraging customers to share your brand with others is vital in building a community. It's crucial to make sharing an enjoyable and effortless process for your loyalty program members to achieve a sense of brand loyalty.

Loyalty programs are an incredibly powerful tool for merchants in regards to encouraging customer acquisition, with tools like Referrals. Queue it outlines why referrals are such an integral part of a loyalty programs and outlines just how powerful loyalty program are.

By making sharing seamless, you not only enhance customer engagement but also increase the chances of customers showcasing the value of your brand to their friends and encouraging them to join your community.

We've successfully implemented a visible referral program. Our loyalty program launcher is prominently displayed across your website, allowing customers to refer friends with just a few clicks.

This simplicity makes it easy for our customers to share the brand via email or social media, earning rewards for successful referrals in no time.

Redeem at Checkout

Enhance the visibility of your loyalty program by adding a point redemption option through our Shopify Checkout UI Extension. Our on-site checkout extension serves as a valuable tool to remind customers to maximize the benefits of their loyalty program during a crucial stage of their purchase journey.

When you add point redemption to your checkout page, customers get friendly reminders to use their rewards and enjoy discounts like 10% off or money off, such as £5 off.

Showing customers how much money they can get in return for their points at the checkout page is a great way to get them interested in your loyalty program.

Adding the checkout extension not only increases the visibility of the points that customers have available to redeem but can also makes them more engaged in the program by reminding them at a key stage in their buying journey: checkout.

By having it easily accessible on the website, customers are continuously reminded to make the most of their rewards, leading to a better and more enjoyable shopping experience.

Acquire More Customers with a Visible Loyalty Program  

Remember, a visible loyalty program is crucial for attracting, engaging, and retaining customers.

By prioritizing visibility and making it easy for customers to join, engage, and share your program, you can create a sustainable brand community and maximize the benefits of your loyalty program.

Our clients have seen firsthand the power of a visible program in driving customer engagement and fostering brand loyalty. Join these happy clients and sign up for today.