Jun 12, 2023

Streamline Teamwork: Introducing Collaborator Access

Ellie Bradford
June 12, 2023

Discover how Collaborator Access revolutionizes teamwork on, streamlining user groups, simplifying onboarding, and enhancing security.


Collaborator access revolutionizes the way merchants work together, giving customers the ability to create user groups and invite team members or external partners to access the dashboard. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Collaborator Access and highlight the benefits to merchants.

Streamline Teamwork with User Groups

One of the main aspects of Collaborator Access is the creation of user groups. With this feature, merchants can organize their teams effectively, ensuring each member has access to the relevant areas of the dashboard.

Whether it's your marketing team, content creators, or external collaborators, user groups allow you to define specific permissions for different roles. This ensures a seamless workflow, minimizing friction and maximizing productivity.

Adding New Collaborators Made Easy

Adding new collaborators to your account is straightforward with Collaborator Access. Navigate to the Settings menu and select Collaborator Access to invite new users. Simply click on "Add User Groups," assign a name to the group, and define the permissions you wish to grant.

Once the group is created, you can swiftly invite collaborators by entering their email addresses and assigning them to the appropriate user group. This straightforward process ensures quick onboarding and efficient collaboration.

Effortless Collaborator Management

Managing collaborators within is a simple process that empowers merchants to maintain control over their team. By clicking a collaborator's email, you gain access to a range of options. You can edit their user group, granting or restricting permissions as needed. Additionally, if a collaborator is no longer required, you have the ability to remove them entirely. This flexibility allows merchants to adapt their team structure to changing circumstances easily.

Enhanced Security with Shopify App Integration

Collaborator Access also integrates seamlessly with Shopify, adding an extra layer of security and control. Merchants can enable or disable login via the Shopify app, providing granular control over who can access through the app. This feature is useful when you have staff accounts within Shopify that you don't want to have access to By default, those accessing through the Shopify app will have full access, but with this option, you can tailor access privileges to your specific needs.

Simplified Onboarding for New Collaborators

When inviting new collaborators to join your account, there are two scenarios to consider: existing users and new users. Existing users should accept the invitation to take them to the new dashboard.

New users who don't have an account will be prompted to sign up for first. Once they have completed the sign-up process, they will gain access to the store they have been invited to, fostering a smooth transition for new collaborators.

Revolutionizing Merchant User Groups with Collaborator Access

Collaborator Access on revolutionizes team collaboration by allowing merchants to create user groups and invite team members or external partners with controlled access to the dashboard. The streamlined process of adding and managing collaborators ensures a seamless workflow, maximizing productivity.

Our integration with the Shopify app adds an additional layer of security, enhancing control over access privileges. With Collaborator Access, empowers merchants to work together efficiently, strengthening their loyalty program and driving business growth.

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