Sep 25, 2023

Q3 Product Updates: Adding Greater Control & Convenience to Your Loyalty Program

Ellie Bradford
September 25, 2023

Enhanced Control & Convenience with Explore the latest features for a better loyalty program.


The ever evolving platform that is has had another stonking quarter in terms of product development. To keep you up to date, here’s a look at its advancement in Q3.

From how you run things behind the scenes to how customers are able to redeem their rewards, we’ve added greater control for everyone with our recent product updates.

We’ve also introduced a very exciting new feature and an equally exciting integration to make the in-store loyalty experience a breeze.

New File Upload Earn Rule

If you run a brick and mortar shop or pop-ups alongside your eCommerce store, this new earn rule is well worth setting up.

Say a customer forgets to scan their loyalty card in-store. They can now upload their receipt through the widget, which will then be sent to your team to either approve or reject the points associated with the transaction.

It’s not restricted to this use case either. You might use it as an incentive for uploading UGC or proof of warranty registration, awarding points for engagement beyond an initial purchase.

Introducing QR Code Loyalty Cards

A brand new feature that we’re really proud to offer, QR code loyalty cards simplify the in-store reward process for both customers and merchants.

No more logging into your POS system and manually inputting information - it’s now simply a case of show and scan to reward customers for shopping with you.

To keep the whole customer experience on brand, you can easily customize the appearance of your QR code cards in your dashboard. 

And if that wasn’t cool enough……….

The Apple Wallet Integration is Now Live for Loyalty Cards!

We’ve teamed up with Apple to make loyalty even more convenient. 

Simply upload your brand icon and enable the “Add to Apple Wallet” button in the loyalty card editor, and your customers will have easy access to their loyalty card with just a few taps on their iPhone. 

That’s awesome.  

Award Points for Surveys

As we’re part of the same company, our integration with is second to none, and in July we introduced another way to leverage its power.

Now, as well as awarding loyalty points for reviews and UGC, you can incentivize the completion of customer surveys.

Totally customizable, these surveys provide a valuable opportunity to gather insights from your customer base whilst promoting repeat purchases and retention. It’s a win-win situation that encourages participation and helps you collect essential data for improving your products and services. 

Combined Discount Codes

One for the customer experience side of your loyalty program, this feature simplifies the process of locating Shopify store enabled discount codes and allows shoppers to apply multiple codes to a single purchase.

This enhancement means your customers save more, feel more valued in the process, and shop more frequently as a result.

New Minimum Spend Earn Rule

You can now set a minimum spend threshold within the place and earn rule, meaning that customers will only earn loyalty points if their purchase exceeds a specified amount. 

Essentially, this feature helps prevent customers from taking advantage of the program by making small, frequent purchases solely to accrue points. Instead, it increases AOV by promoting considered and more substantial spending.

Block Customers from Program Participation

Not every customer has honest intentions, so we’ve given you the ability to block participation in your loyalty program where you see fit. 

This gives you greater control where you suspect someone may be abusing the program or engaging in fraudulent activities. 

It’s a simple administrative function that ensures your program remains fair and rewards genuine customer loyalty. + Gorgias Integration

You can now enhance the capabilities of your tech stack (and step up your customer service) by integrating and Gorgias.

With these two platforms working in tandem, you can handle customer queries and complaints more effectively, use loyalty data to personalize communications, and offer quick, responsive support.

Good customer service is the heart of brand loyalty, so this pairing makes perfect sense. Learn more about how to enhance CX with the and Gorgias integration. + Attentive Integration

Craft personalized SMS campaigns, automate messages, and boost engagement by leveraging loyalty tiers and customer actions.

By integrating both SMS campaigns and your loyalty program, merchants can seamlessly share crucial data points and event triggers between the platforms, enhancing your marketing strategies.

With the Attentive X integration, you'll deepen connections and strengthen brand loyalty.

Have Your Say on Where We Go Next wouldn’t be what it is without your input, so we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that’s thrown ideas and suggestions our way.

Our goal is to build a solid product that meets the needs of our customers, helping them run next level loyalty campaigns that drive business growth.

So keep telling us what those needs are and we’ll keep finding innovative ways to meet them.

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