Oct 20, 2023

Create Personalized Segments & Boost Engagement with x Attentive

Ellie Bradford
October 20, 2023

Discover the Attentive and integration, a powerful solution for eCommerce merchants to enhance customer engagement through automated SMS messaging and personalized campaigns


Staying competitive is an on going challenge for eCommerce merchants. Brands are constantly seeking fresh strategies to engage their audience and establish enduring customer relationships. 

This integration opens up new possibilities for merchants, enabling them to craft personalized marketing campaigns and unique customer segments for their most loyal customers.

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of this integration and how it can revolutionize your customer engagement strategies, providing a competitive edge in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Understanding Attentive 

To understand the Attentive and integration, let's first recognize the benefits. 

Attentive, a leading SMS marketing platform, excels at boosting conversion rates and increasing customer spending through strategic text messaging. 

When integrated with, it offers an enhanced solution for customer engagement.

The Power of the Attentive x Integration 

The integration of Attentive and presents a robust solution for businesses aiming to enhance their customer engagement efforts through automated SMS messaging. 

This collaborative approach empowers companies to trigger messages in response to customer actions, including points redemption, referrals, and tier changes, ensuring that messages are consistently timely and relevant.

A noteworthy aspect of this collaboration is the capacity to generate customized messages for customers according to their loyalty tiers, leading to enhanced connections and deeper engagement.

With this seamless integration, the exchange of a wealth of customer data and significant events occurs effortlessly, fortifying your customer engagement strategy. 

Below, you will find a comprehensive overview of the key data points and events that smoothly transition between Attentive and during this integration:

How Shares Data to Attentive

Attentive learns about your customers' loyalty points, allowing tailored SMS campaigns to maximize their benefits. 

It also understands loyalty tiers, enhancing personalized messaging and strengthening the customer-brand connection. 

Additionally, Attentive gets customer referral codes and URLs, facilitating word-of-mouth marketing and targeted promotions. 

You can also categorize customers as "Members" or "Guests" for tailored messaging, and send personalized birthday messages, fostering customer loyalty.

How Shares Data to Attentive

How Attentive Uses Your Loyalty Programs Events To Enhance the CX

Attentive keeps track of your customers' loyalty points, allowing you to create personalized SMS campaigns that encourage them to make the most of their rewards. 

Not only that, but it also notifies you when customers earn or redeem loyalty points, giving you the chance to celebrate their achievements and offer enticing ideas for using their rewards. 

Plus, as customers progress or shift between loyalty tiers, Attentive keeps you informed so you can congratulate them on their advancements or provide support if needed. Whenever a customer starts a referral, Attentive promptly notifies you, enabling you to send timely and encouraging messages that support their efforts.

And, when a customer successfully completes a referral, Attentive helps you reward and recognize their contributions to your brand's growth, further solidifying their loyalty. stronger connections with your customers and bolstering their loyalty to your brand.

Boost Engagement: Harness SMS Reminders for Loyalty

Our latest integration with Attentive offers a solution for merchants who are aiming to enhance their SMS marketing campaigns and build lasting customer loyalty. 

By segmenting your audience based on loyalty tiers and delivering tailored messages, you can forge deeper, more meaningful connections with your customers.

If you're eager to implement this integration and unlock its potential for your brand, we invite you to explore our support article, which offers step-by-step guidance. Elevate your marketing strategy, engage your loyal customers, and watch your brand thrive with the Attentive and integration.

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