Manage your best customers as Affiliates.

Streamline the process of establishing and overseeing affiliates by encouraging your devoted customers, partners, and influencers to endorse your brand to their followers with cash incentives.

How it Works

Easy to access and easy to manage

When you pay affiliates to promote your brand to their connections, you not only incentivize repeat purchases, but also gain the potential to acquire new customers through their networks.

Easy Set-Up

Add Manage Affiliates to your loyalty program quickly with modules, guides, or manual installation.

Discover Affiliates

Add affiliates seamlessly with invite links and leverage your current marketing tools to send emails or run campaigns.

Get promoted

Offer affiliates banners, text links, videos, and social posts to promote your brand while keeping complete control over your image.

Our services

Collaborate with anyone without limitations.

Reward top-performing individuals who excel at promoting your business. Efficiently track their performance and gain valuable insights into the key success factors of your affiliate program.

Affiliate Autopilot

Effortlessly recruit affiliates with our analytics that rank top customers by AOV, repeat purchases, and other factors. Choose customers based on their brand engagement and ranking.

Personalized Tracking URLs

Affiliate links are trackable, measurable, and unique, enabling effortless affiliate management and performance tracking.

Freedom of Promotion

Empower affiliates with unique referral codes to share at their discretion, and incentivize their promotional efforts through rewards.

Drive growth & retention with loyalty