Product Updates Now Integrates with BigCommerce

May 21, 2024
Integration Now Integrates with BigCommerce

We are thrilled to announce the integration of with BigCommerce! This powerful partnership enables merchants to:

Boost Customer Retention
Leverage tailored rewards programs, personalized incentives, and VIP treatment to keep your customers coming back.

Increase Revenue
Implement a fully customizable points program to incentivize purchases, social actions, product reviews, and more, driving higher purchase frequency and average order value.

Engage High-Value Customers
Utilize loyalty tiers to offer premium benefits and VIP rewards, encouraging higher spending and strengthening customer loyalty.

Low-Cost Acquisition
Benefit from referral marketing that generates unique referral links for existing customers, extending your reach and attracting new customers with higher retention rates.

BigCommerce customers are now able to access:

Excellent Customer Support
Benefit from top-notch customer support and continuous product advancement based on user feedback.

Comprehensive Feature Set offers a robust suite of tools, ensuring you have everything needed for an effective loyalty strategy.

Easy Integration
Our platform seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce and other leading eCommerce tools like Klaviyo and Gorgias, streamlining your workflows and leveraging data across your tech stack.

User-Friendly Setup
Launch a bespoke loyalty program in minutes with our simple setup and installation process, whether you're starting from scratch or migrating from another provider.

Customizable Programs
Tailor the loyalty and rewards programs to fit your brand and customer base, ensuring relevant and effective incentives.

Proven Results has a track record of boosting customer retention and increasing revenue, making it a reliable choice for your business.

No caps on order values or the number of orders processed for those on any of our paid plans, supporting merchants of all sizes with unlimited growth potential.

Affordable Pricing
Choose from Free, Starter, Plus, and Enterprise plans with no hidden costs, plus discounted rates for existing customers.

Discover how can transform your BigCommerce store into a loyalty-driven powerhouse. Read full integration announcement to learn more…