Product Updates

Open Widget Event Trigger

July 27, 2023

You can trigger a specific event - the influenceio:openWidget event - to activate our floating or popup widget. This offers more control and flexibility, allowing you to manually open the widget using this code.

We want to ensure smooth and seamless transitions for our users, which is why we're deprecating the older method of triggering the widget, the openWidget event. This change is essential to avoid any potential compatibility issues and maintain the highest level of performance and functionality.

Here's the key information:

New Event: influenceio:openWidget

This event triggers the opening of our widget and provides clients with an improved way to engage their website visitors. You can manually trigger this event using the specified code.

Deprecation of Old Event: openWidget

The older method of opening the widget using the openWidget event is now deprecated.This event will be removed in future updates to ensure a more streamlined experience.

We encourage all clients to update their implementations to use the new influenceio:openWidget event to leverage the latest features and ensure ongoing compatibility with our platform.