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50% Off for 12 Months - BFCM 2023 Offer Terms

November 7, 2023

This BFCM, we're offering an exclusive discount to help merchants increase CLTV and loyalty with Our offer is available until Cyber Monday 11:59 p.m. PST.

We're offering an exclusive 50% discount (for 12 months) on all current pricing plans for new customers. Whether you're new to or seeking to take your eCommerce strategies to the next level, now is the perfect time to get on board.

For existing customers, we already provide a discounted price for adopting as a bundle offer, meaning that merchants can double down on this discount to get an additional 50% off from the half-price offering for customers.

Terms and Conditions for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) Promotion

  • Promotion Period: This Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) promotion for is valid from Nov 8th 2023 to Nov 27th 2023, 11:59 PST.
  • Discount Offer: During the Promotion Period, new customers are eligible to receive a 50% discount on the regular pricing plans for This discount will be applicable for a period of 12 months from the date of subscription. After this period, your subscription will automatically return to regular (full) pricing.
  • Cancellation: Our cancellation policy is structured based on customer types and is outlined as follows:

    - customers:
    You can cancel your subscription package at any time, by downgrading your account in the dashboard, however paying for this service via Shopify would be subject to Shopify’s terms and conditions. Please read Shopify's Help Article on App Charges for further details.

    - customers:

    You can cancel your subscription package with at any time subject to the following provisions by giving 30 days’ notice. Annual Subscriptions will automatically be pro-rata & any credit owed will be applied to the next annual invoice.

    We will continue to bill you for the ongoing service until we receive written confirmation and this can be done by sending an email to notice of cancellation, or once cancellation has been actioned within the Dashboard.

  • Payment Platform Limitation: Please be aware that Stripe, our payment platform, can only accept one discount code per transaction. As such, if you are a customer, you will need to choose between applying the BFCM discount to or any other applicable discount to your account.

  • Eligibility: This Promotion is available to new customers only. customers who have already added to their accounts as a bolt-on are not eligible for this discount. customers are eligible to participate in this Promotion; however, it's important to note that they cannot combine the BFCM discount with any other discounts applied to their accounts.

  • Usage: By participating in this Promotion, you agree to use in accordance with its terms and conditions, which can be found on our website.

  • Changes or Termination: We reserve the right to modify, extend, or terminate this Promotion at any time, with or without notice.

  • Liability: and are not responsible for any errors, malfunctions, or failures related to the Stripe payment platform, Shopify App Charges, or any other technical issues that may impact the application of discounts.

  • Governing Law: This Promotion and its terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the United Kingdom.

  • Contact: If you have any questions or require assistance related to this Promotion, please contact our customer support team at

  • Acceptance: By participating in this Promotion, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the forfeiture of the discount and other consequences as deemed appropriate by and